Dr. Prouty has conducted clinical research at Palo Alto University and SRI International.  His graduate research focused on attachment theory and how childhood attachment could contribute to behavior problems in adolescence. Attachment and Juvenile Delinquency

Dr. Prouty is currently the program manager of a large NIH funded study of adolescent brain development.  This study aims to follow adolescents for several years, tracking brain development, cognitive development, sleep patterns, and how these may be affected by alcohol use.  For more information see ncanda.org

Dr. Prouty frequently gives presentations to student and parent groups about topics ranging from teens and sleep, how alcohol affects the developing brain, to Learning disorders and Autism spectrum disorders.  Below are some of his recent talks.

Interview by InMenlo magazine

Psychologist Devin Prouty talks about teens and how they’re different today – and how they’re not


Review of a presentation given at Sequoia High school

Guest speaker Devin Prouty spoke to Electronic Arts and Health Academy students about how attitudes surrounding intelligence can have a profound impact on achievement.